Holly Rae Jones


“Juergen Teller was probably the first fashion photographer I looked at and really ‘got’. I really understood what he was doing and I felt connected. Another is probably Lise Sarfati. Her images are amazing – they carry a lot of tension and atmosphere.”

Florencia Petra


“Do what you want to, doesn’t matter if someone else did it before you or if it’s a nonsense from another planet, be inspired by the things you like and enjoy.”



“Vrem să le păstrăm la nivelul de purtat liniştit, fără pretenţii. Stăm departe de zona de bijuterii de care să ai grijă. Trebuie să te simţi bine şi să arate bine pe tine.”

Beth Lane


“I also work as a graphic designer. I love movies and music. Someday I want to start making fashion films and music videos because of the complete freedom and creativity film making allows.”