Can Dagarslani

“I am an architect, who tries to relax by taking photos.”

If someone asks you to describe your work, what would you say?

The beauty of solitude and a slight sense of otherness which is highlighted by crisp colours, airy spaces and softness of natural light.


What makes a good photo?

A good photo embraces you speechlessly and makes you dream about it.


Your images have an erotic tendency, but you never cross a line. How do you maintain the balance?

Great question! As I answered for my last interview, a pretty woman is not a subject for me. She is a story of fresh air and soft colours. I love capturing the delicate beauty of woman revealed by the uniqueness of her soul. The story behind feminine beauty flawlessly moves and makes me have goose bumps all over my skin. Rather than creating erotic compositions, I try to show the natural beauty of human. I always tell the model to keep a genuine air/attitude. That’s why my works never cross the line.


How much do you rely on people’s imagination to understand your messages?

I haven’t considered myself a photographer yet. I have kept myself away from expectations. So I am not concerned with what people feel about my work. It’s just my personal rehab.


What is one lasting impression you want to leave with your photos?

I try to portray honest and clear images against fuzzy ideas.


What motivates you when behind the lens? 

Once behind the camera, I’m already motivated. It’s my drug that I need to take permanently.


What photographers inspire you?

Guy Bourdin’s dangerous mind and the powerful colours of his works.


How many photos would you approximate taking during a session in order to find “the right one”?

I always take photos until I finish the films. Then, I begin to swear, because I never feel that I have taken “the right one”.


Do you believe that anyone could be a photographer?

I guess everyone knows the answer and got bored to discuss this issue. Everybody can take photos but that doesn’t mean he/she’s a photographer. This is why I call myself just an architect.


Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

Let your subconscious take over you and reflect introspective elements.


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